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Mae Govannan

My name is cei (well not really, but it's the internet, so..)I'm an adult and I live in the uk, somewhere between the hills and the sea. I have a black cat named J'zargo and a Black dog named Xena. I like listening to all sorts of music but my heart yearns for metal and shoegaze, that doesn't stop me from listening to stuff like jpop. my favourite colour is yellow and i like sunflowers. I made this site because I'm sick of the modern internet. I miss chatrooms and online social games. I spent most of my childhood on habbo hotel and a good portion of my teenage years on Gaia (I still visit there everyday.) I miss when websites were full of colour and life, I miss when I could be myself. I used to be very social online, regularly commenting on peoples posts and sending dms. I'm going to try to keep this website updated, feel free to leave a comment in my guestbook :) If you leave a link to your website, I'll visit your guestbook too.